Monday, 14 April 2014

Still here

Sorry, been very distracted lately.

**proud stepmum alert**
My wonderful SS1 completed the Marathon des Sables, in a fantastic time, with a superb average km/h figure.   I tracked him pretty much all day, every day. 
**/end of alert**

Meanwhile, we've had a gorgeous few days weather wise.  Spring has sprung everywhere.
The cherry tree outside the kitchen door is covered in blossom... hopefully this will translate into lots of cherries.   I've eaten all the jars of cherries in syrup I bottled a couple of years ago, and I'm looking forward to making more.

The pear tree also has a lot of blossom, so we may be in for a good pear crop.  

Tilda is spending the sunny days outside    It's still not possible for her to cgo in the paddock with the Others - any attempt to put her in there is met by a frenzied Ninja attack from Poppy.    Poppy can't even tolerate Tilda sitting alongside the fence on the other side of no-hens-land.  She desperately pushes at the fence trying to reach Tilda to attack her.

Did I mention that I'd moved the egg shaped cat-bed so that it provides a wind shelter for Tilda.  She does get in it occasionally, but usually she uses it as a windbreak. If she uses it at all.

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