Thursday, 20 February 2014

Full of cold

I'm full of cold. My constantly bocked nose - sdespite decongestants - means I'm becoming a mouth-breather,  and the knock on effect of that is that I'm permanently thirsty.

I made butter yesterday, very carefully and wearing gloves.  The gloves meant my hands didn't come into contact with the butter (very important as I have a cold).    I bought double cream at Tesco, because they had an offer on. It was still much more expensive than Costco, but I didn't have to drive so far (petrol saving), I didn't sepnd on other bulk-buy-bargains (could be a cost or could be a saving),  and it didn't take as long to get there and back (time saving).

My butter production line went smoothly.  One of the chaps on a blog I follow has recently bought an Ankarsrum Assistent ( for making bread.  When I read his post, it occirred to me it might be a good machine for buttermaking.  I found myself thinking about it as I was buttermaking this time,  wondering if it would be even more efficient than my KitchenAid for churning the cream, or salting the finished product.  Or washing the butter maybe?  

I tried not to think about it too hard, as I don't have worktop room for another appliance anyway.

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