Wednesday, 26 February 2014


What a gorgeous day!

Grasped the opportunity to take Tilda out for a dust bathe.  She has been out there rolling around in the bath for ages.  I have been keeping an eye on her thanks to the RunCam.

I tried to take a snapshot where she had her legs at some strange angle, but I missed it.

 The entrance into the run is down, so all the other Girls are kept outside. It's the only way Tilda can relax enough to have a good old rummage, and it means she only gets sole use of the run when the others don't need to have access.

She's getting to the end (of the dust bath) now.  She's sitting there, presumably trying to decide whether or not to get out. 

Yup. she's up now, just done an enormous shake, sending dust everywhere.  The greyness of the photo isn't a result of poor lighting, it's dustbath stuff particles in the air.
She's ready to come out now, so I'll go and release her.

As usual she will have the choice of coming in,  staying in the forbidden garden, or going in with the others for a bit.

No idea what she'll choose today.

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