Sunday, 16 February 2014


Not only do we have a lull in the storm but today we have a really gorgeous day. It's like Spring has sprung.

Back windows are open to let some air in. 

The Girls were out eating some fresh grass, so I took the opportunity to put Tilda in the dust bath while I filled up the feeders, scrubbed and refilled the drinkers, etc.

Afterwards, she indicated that she wanted to go in with the others.  She stood, patiently, by the gate which goes into their free range area.    Feeling strongly that this was not in her best interests, I ignored her and went back into the house.

Later I saw that she had moved, but was now sitting by the netting.  This was another indicator that she really wanted to go in.   Against my better judgement, I picked her up and carrie dher to the gate, and then opened the gate.  She ran in.

I hope she'll be OK.

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