Thursday, 13 February 2014

Administering cat tablets

Izzy is currently on 1/4 of a minute tablet, twice a day.  She was starting to get wise to the "heres a treat, heres a treat, here's a tablet.." routine.

Fortunately I had an appointment with my Chiropracter, Tania, yesterday.   We were chatting about cats and chickens, and I mentioned Izzy and the tablets.   Tania told me what they do when their cats have tablets.

On the way home I popped into the supermarket to buy some prawns.  As we are on Flood Alert, I thought I'd better get some cat food as well, as we only have a week's worth in the house.   And some lemsip for DH, who has a cold.  And some Milton, as it was on special offer.  And some cabbage for the allotment chickens.

When I got home I realise I had forgotten to pick up prawns. 

I remembered that Izzy liked cheese. At least, I think she did. Or was that Maddie, our previous cat?  I wasn't sure because we don't give Izzy cheese because she has to watch her weight (or, rather, we do).

Anyway. I pushed the tablet into a tiny bit of cheese, rolled it into a small ball, and rolled it in front of Izzy.


Job done.  Repeated that evening and the following morning.

Thank you Tania.

I think I'll have to find something other than cheese though. The amount is tiny, but it is going to be 14 times a week.

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