Thursday, 13 June 2013


We've been having a lot of weather lately.  The Met office App can't seem to predict it correctly even on the day. 

It's been hopeless weather for getting the poor chicks out.  Fortunately, they hadn't got used to being outside on a daily basis,  so I guess they aren't missing what they haven't had.

The lack of outside, grass, sunshine, etc has meant that they have been slightly slower to feather up.  We're still seeing noticeable progress every (say) two days, but it is slow.

This afternoon, we've finally got some rays of sunshine, but the ground is soaking wet and the wind is rather fierce. No end in sight.

As compensation, I've given them a few mealworms each day (in their dustbath),. This has had the unintended consequence that they now come running towards me whenever I go in the shed to see them.
On a different note, Tilda has been up and down.   She's even taken herself outside, without anyone taking her to the door first.

She's had a couple of days when she insisted on going in the Big Girls "paddock";  and at one point she insisted on going into their walk in run. With them. While corn was being fed.    She took up her pre-death position, safely under one of the benches, and she seemed quite content when I got her in for the night.

Yesterday she was having a bit of breathing trouble, which passed.  A couple of days ago, she wasn't interested in mealworms, which worried me for a bit.  However, today she decided to take a walk around the bigger kitchen, and tucked in to the offered mealworms with gusto.

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