Monday, 17 June 2013

True Grit

Now that the chicks are outside a bit, eating grass - and having the occasional mealworm treat - it was time to introduce them to grit.

So, I put a large coop cup in the Go, with chick sized grit in.  

They looked at it from a distance.

A couple of them mosied nonchalantly along,  although it becae more chalantly as they stared at it on their way past.

Someone came up and looked in the bowl.

Several someones came up and looked in the bowl.

Eventually, someone else stuck their head in and ate a bit.  Then another someone else did.  And then lots of them did.

When I came back, Redhead was standing in the bowl, with the others eating around his feet.

Seems grit's a hit.

(And no, that isn't a superfluous '. It's in the correct place.)

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