Monday, 17 June 2013

Alone again

Poppy, my gorgeous and friendly Welsh Black girl, has gone broody again.  It's only been 2? 3? weeks since she went broody before.  Between her and Florence (Australorp), I've had broodiness for weeks now.

It's particularly hard on Lotti when Poppy is broody.  Lotti and Poppy were hatched together, and keep each other company against the unfriendliness of the previously established gang.   They would have integrated by now if it wasn't for the spite of Milly (Cream Legbar) who, with her equally spiteful  lieutenant Custard (Sasso, unbelieveably Tilda's sister), keeps them shunned.

When Poppy is holed up being broody, poor old Lotti is on her own alot.  She does manage to stay close to the main flock,  but the two spiteful b*tches make sure she always feels persecuted.
Loopy and lovely Lotti
Horrible, spiteful, girls.

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