Sunday, 30 June 2013

Tilda update

I watched on the RunCam.  The Others stopped and stared through the bars at Tilda.  She stared back. She went and got something to eat, and then resumed her position.

At 8.30pm, I went out to see if she wanted to come in. She ignored me.

At 9.00pm, the Others had started to go to bed, so I went out to see if she wanted to come in.  She ignored me.

At 9,15pm, she had her back to the Others, and was chattering to herself.  The Others were having a squabble.  Poppy, who is broody, had been ejected from the orange Cube and was in a huff.  She stood by the (closed) ex-entrance to the run where the go is, and was a bit agitated.  She'd shown no interest in the Go or the Run when it had been available to her,  and no interest when it was closed off. It's only because Tilda is in there that she's suddenly interested..   That and the fact that she's fed up of being ejected each evening.

And then at 9.25, I checked the camera, and I couldn't see Tilda.  She'd left, and was wobbling down the path to the house.

So she's now in her kitchen apartment.

We'll see what happens tomorrow.

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