Friday, 7 June 2013


DH and I have been interested in the idea of smoking some of our produce for ages.  I don't mean hot smoking, which is when you cook food over woodchips; I mean cold smoking, which is where you smoke food and cook it after smoking.  There's only one thing which has prevented us..... we haven't really found much smoked food that we like. Ha ha ha.

Every time we go to a food show,  we try the smoked foods on offer.  We've had various smoked fish, smoked cheese, smoked garlic, smoked chillies... the list is endless.   Occasionally we find something which is OK, but decide we couldn't eat much of it.

We do, however, make our own bacon... and I can eat smoked bacon in moderation.    Last year, I bought an inexpensive cold smoker kit for us to use 
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Yes, it is what it looks like.  A very tall cardboard box, with some racks in and a smoker thing at the bottom.   It was reasonable value buying the pack as we'd have bought the smoker thing and racks anyway,  and this way we can't blame any failures on our DIY attempt.

We decided when we butchered the pig the other week that we'd try smoking some bacon.  And we did it yesterday. Hooray!

It's very lightly smoked... given that we both love smoked food so much (!), we decided to err on the side of caution.

The piece of bacon looks really good.    We'll be slicing and freezing the bacon tomorrow,  so I guess I'll find out on Sunday whether it tastes OK..

I will report back!

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