Monday, 17 June 2013

Four weeks old, and they are growing all the time.

They love being outside, and we put them out in the Go as often as the weather permits.  I do have some photos, but they are on DH's camera. As soon as I find the appropriate lead, I'll upload some for you to see.

On Saturday, after a long-ish session outside, I put them back in their brooder pen in the shed.  One of the not-so-little whiter ones immediately flew up and perched on the side of the brooder.   Time for action.

So, while they were out in the sunshine yesterday, we took down the brooder ring, so they now have half a shed to run around in. All with insulated flooring, topped with Aubiose, of course.

I jet washed the brooder ring and then, when it was dry,  DH rolled it up to put it away.   

It was definitely a worthwhile investment.

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