Wednesday, 27 March 2013

yes, you must

The Girls seem to have decided to be extra vocal in voicing their disgust/outrage at being kept shut in the coop. This moring it started at 6am.  It didn't stop, so I got up to go and see what was happening. I had noticed some small scabs on Lotti's comb yesterday, and I was concerned that she was being bullied to death.

Of course the moment the Girls heard me open the back door, there was silence.

I went out anyway, and whipped open the nest box to see what was going on.   The Girls were queueing to get out.  Lotti broke ranks and rushed towards me.  I checked her comb (no additional problems) and shut the door. I went back to bed.    The noise started again after a few minutes.

It was quite light inside the cube.  Whilst trying to drift back off to sleep, I tried to work out how I could put some blackout fabric over the cube without blocking the ventilation.   I didn't come up with an answer, but I did remember that I had an old blackout roller blind somewhere, and I might try and do something.


After breakfast,  I went through the usual routine with Tilda.  I opened the back door, and shuffled her towards it so she could stick her beak outside to see what it was like.   It wasn't as cold as it has been and, although still cold, the sun was trying to make an appearance.   Tilda tried to get round my legs to go back into the kitchen.    

She's been in the house without going out at all for the last 2 days.  With slightly less horrible weather, I was determined that today she would go out, even if it was only for an hour.

We had a bit of a leg wrestle,  and evetualy she gave in and hopped down on to the paving.  I scooped her up and put her in the Pampas, so she could settle down and keep warm.

She looks happy enough.

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