Sunday, 24 March 2013

Bless their little cotton socks

DH picked me up from the railway station this evening.  I'd been on a one day cocktail making course, and thought it best if my friend, Yvonne, and I were collected. Just in case we were suffering any ill effects.

We'd missed one train, and had arrived at another platform right at the other side of  the station to get the next train only to find the doors shut and the train about to depart,  and so was about half an hour later than expected.   He'd shut the Girls in before he left, but he hadn't had time to separate out the two bullies into their own run.... he hadn't expected to be back to late.

When we got home I went straight outside to move them.   Because we are shutting the pop hole at night to muffle the morning noises, and because tomorrow is Sunday, and because I couldn't risk the two Littlees being shut in with the bullies,  I couldn't risk leaving them all together.

When I got outside, I found that the two bullies had taken themselves off to their own coop anyway.

Bless 'em.  

Yep. For the first time in a long time, I thought "Awwww... aren't they sweet".

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