Monday, 11 March 2013

Not so daft

Yesterday Tilda, our bed and breakfast chook, decided that she didn't really fancy going out during the day, thank you very much for asking. 

She had her full English breakfast (live mealworms, followed by a teaspoon of natural yoghurt, followed by a small piece of cucumber and half a grape), and started making her way around the kitchen. I scooshed her to the back door, by walking behind her so she had no choice but to go in the direction I did.

We got to the open back door and I got her on to the step, she sniffed the air, hesitated.....and  made a right hand dive, around the back of my legs and back into the kitchen. She then skipped under one of the breakfast bar stools.  Fair enough.

She spent all day indoors, rejecting 2 further attempts to get her to go out.  I was making Jamie Oliver's slow roast shoulder of pork (6.5 hours,  fantastic as fact, I couldnt bear roast pork until I tried  this way of doing it) and Tilda chose this day to start exploring the big part of the kitchen.  In fact she sat right in the middle if the kitchen floor while we ate our lunch, which isn't something she has done before.

Glad I had chosen pork not chicken!

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