Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Joseph Collins

I very rarely drink - well, apart from a single glass of wine with some meals - and so I'm finding practising my newly learned cocktail making skills a bit of a challenge in itself.

On Sunday I made a gin based Tom Collins,  but it wasn't great.  I don't like gin, so it was off to a rocky start anyway. For clarification, that's not quite as stupid a statement as it perhaps sounds.  I've managed to drink Plymouth gin with only a small amount of complaining... I was hoping that making it into a proper cocktail following a proper recipe, might make it more palateable.

I didn't drink much of it,  I didn't have any syrup left (I'd used cordial as a substitute), and so I wasn't able to try another version until today.  Today I made a Joseph Collins, which uses Vodka.  I followed the base recipe,  as I wanted to see if I liked the basic drink before I started trying variations thereof.

It was quite acceptable.  However,  I drink the hard stuff so rarely that I don't think I'll be ready to try a new variation for another couple of days.  

Did I imagine Tilda's disapproving looks?

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