Tuesday, 26 March 2013

My Aunt

My Aunt, who is in her seventies, has decided it's time for her to get on the escalator of the technical revolution.

A couple of weeks ago she took delivery of an Ipad and learned how to use it.  She's used it (when at my house) to change her energy suppliers, she's signed up for broadband, and she's mastered a number of games downloaded to keep her going while waiting for Broadband to be connected.

In the last few days, since she her broadband was activated, she's  learned how to email and surf.   She's checked out some furniture she was interested in, found some recipes she wanted,  and found some clothes in M&S that she wanted to order.   Today,  she's learned how to use Facebook and Skype.   I'm not a fan of Facebook, so I've got her started and her daughter-in-law will help her more on this

We've got a few more things on the list to do, we're tackling things one step at a time.

I'm really proud of her.

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