Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Not today, thank you.

Tilda had a sojourn outside yesterday.  She spent a bit of time in the run of the Green Cube - it was raining, and the others were using the main run;  and then a bit of time in the Pampas, a rare treat for her.

This morning after her now-usual breakfast of mealworms and yoghurt, I opened the back door and shuffled her towards it.   We got to the threshold, she poked her beak outside, whipped round behind my legs, and then skippered* back into her pen.  (*Skippered = a cross between skipping and lumbering)

The number of coop cups is increasing.  She now has one for water, one for pellets, one for Garvo AlfaMix, one for oyster shell and grit, one for yoghurt and one for treats like cucumber.  And she has her peckablock.

The pen door is always open, so she can come and go as she pleases. She often sits under the breakfast bar stools.

I guess I can see why going outside is not the most attractive option.


  1. Doesn't she make an awful mess on the floor? My lot do if they get indoors?

  2. HI Sarah
    She does poop a bit, but not as much as she would if she were a normal healthy hen. It's pretty easy to manage - we keep a toilet roll handy, wipe it up and drop it in the toilet. I wash the floor with Dettox spray once a day. I am finding that we are getting through phenomenal amounts of handwash, and I've had to switch to a moisturising one now as my hands get washed so much!