Thursday, 7 March 2013

Still dithering

Sorry for the lack of posting. It's mainly because I'd be harping on about the same old thing and didn't want to bore you with it.

But here it is anyway.

Firstly, Tilda continues her apparently happy residence overnight in our kitchen.  Some time ago she decided she wanted to go in with the others, so I let her.  Despite me thinking I was watching her,  she ended up with a bloody comb and a peck in the eye.  I couldn't be sure who had done it, as I know that her presence brings out the nastiness in all four of the older Girls,  I even once saw the usually gentle Roobarb give her a peck .

About a week ago, I was watching them go to bed on the Hencam (by which  I mean, of course, I was watching the Hencam. I don't mean they were bedding down on it).   The two Littlees always take an age to go in, but on the day I was watching, I realised that they were going in and being chased out.    Indignant on their behalf, I stormed outside, wrenched open the lid of the cube, and then I pushed Milly down the ladder.   This let Lotti and Poppy get in, and then Milly got back in.

I went back inside, and saw the LIttlees come hurtling out again,  and I saw Milly physically leaping at them through the pop hole when they tried to get in.   Again I went out,  this time I hoiked Milly out and put her in the spare Cube. 

The following morning, I let them all out together.  That evening, the same sort of shenanigans, Milly was physically lunging at them to stop them going in.  Again, I hoiked her out and put her in the other Cube.

We're now at the stage where they are all (except Tilda of course) out together during the day,  but at night I separate Custard and Milly into the other Cube.  The Littlees are now going to bed without any problem.  (Custard joined Milly after I caught her chasing the Littlees round the run one evening).

I'm ready to remove both Custard and Milly permanently.  I don't want them passing on this unacceptable behaviour to Lotti and Poppy.  So why haven't I culled them as I have threatened to before?   Mainly it is because I had decided some time ago that culling wasn't to be undertaken lightly or, more particularly,  in a moment of anger.      Milly and Custard are behaving themselves during the day, and they are both going into the other Cube without too much fuss in the evening.   And while they are all behaving themselves with the current setup, I can't justify to myself that it needs doing. So, I've kinda got myself stuck into this routine now.

I do realise that I am probably just putting off the inevitable, and I suspect there is part of me that is thinking Nature may intervene anyway (Milly is no spring chicken).  

And I suppose I want to make myself feel better about it (if such a thing is possible) by being sure I've done "all I can".

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