Saturday, 24 September 2011

Warm days

Another lovely warm day today. Warm in the sunshine, that is, not so warm elsewhere.

Florence has been broody for about a week now.  For the last few days I've been putting her in a dog crate in the run during the day (partly to break her out of being broody and partly to vacate the est box so the others can lay) but, because the weather is so unpredictable, I've been letting her back into the Cube at night.   The dog crate gives her plenty of room, she has food, water, a hanging block, and vegetables.   Today, she was really unhappy about being put in the crate - I mean, really unhappy,  even more unhappy than she usually is.  I felt sorry for her, so I let her out into the rest of the garden instead while I cleaned out and disinfected the run.  She munched her way round some shrubs and then ended up grazing next to the fruit cage, with the rest of the Girls on the inside of the fruit cage.  I relented and let her in.  Two minutes later, she was back in the Cube.

Tilda is walking around with a less pronounced limp now, but she is still spending a lot of time sitting. Sitting under the benches in the run, sitting under a gooseberry bush, sitting in the pampas.   She seems quite happy, until Custard decides to go and force her to move.  Custard is being a real bully towards Tilda, and I don't like it.

Tilda's been in the kitchen for cat food a couple of times.   I've also put a bit of cat food out for the others as they are looking a bit straggly.  No one seems to be in full moult yet though.

I started to use some new pecka block treats, one with insects in.  Same brand as I used before, just this new one has added bugs.  They only last a couple of hours. Milly, in particular,  just keeps on and on and on at it as soon as I put one up    So, they're rationed now.  I need to get some bug-free ones instead.

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