Sunday, 18 September 2011


Friday morning I noticed that Tilda was sitting beside the Pampas.  The Girls often sit in the Pampas,  or under the Pampas; they often stand beside the Pampas, but I don't recall them sitting there. That's why I noticed it.

Half an hour later, she was still sitting there.  And so it went on.  I threw some corn near her, which she ate.  Later on we were in the garden and we saw her move, and she was hobbling, badly.  With a heavy heart, I picked her up and examined her carefully.   No signs of a wound.  A very slight grip with her foot, but not much. No weight on her leg.  We discussed what to do.   We decided there wasn't any point taking her to the vet at the moment, as there wasn't a wound.  He wouldn't be able to bind her leg up, as bird bones fuse together too easily to risk it.  We decided we'd just keep an eye on her, and see how she did over the weekend.  We were out Friday evening, but we went out with a torch to make sure she had been able o get into bed OK.

Yesterday, I saw her sitting in different parts of the garden at different times of day.  She was limping a lot, but was eating and drinking.

Today was like yesterday, although she is moving a lot more easily.  She keeps out of the other Girls way, as they do tend to try and barge her.

To say that I am relieved is an understatement.  I'm not at all ready to lose her.

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