Thursday, 8 September 2011


The young Roos had obviously been spending quite a bit of time on the shed roof, before we did wing clipping.   

In recent heavy rain, a large amount of poo was dislodged, down the drainpipe and into one of the water butts.  DH spotted it yesterday when he opened the water butt to use it. The other water but was empty, which is why DH had opened this one.  He emptied all the water away, and went to the hand pump to get the water for the drinkers.

This morning I had to take him to the station for 6.45 am, so on my way home I went to the allotment and scrubbed and disinfected both barrels While I was waiting for the disinfectant to takke effect, I decided I might as well disinfect all the drinkers while I was at it,  so spent the next half hour doing that, and then fetching water from the hand pump to rinse everything and refill. 

OC (Other Chap) has an electric pump, so he will bring that to the allotment later today to refill the water butts directly from the pump.

Two of the boys managed to sneak in with the big girls while I was moving between pens.   I managed to catch them quickly enough, and got them back into their area.  

Three of the Big Girls are broody.

Everything done, I locked up, walked back to the car and started to drive home.  About a mile into my journey, I couldn't recall locking the gate into the allotment.  "I must have done it automatically".   I drove on for a few yards.   The conversation in my head continued: "But the lock is quite stiff, it usually takes me a couple of minutes to do it".   Hmm.  I mentally retraced my steps. I pictured connecting the electric fence, and testing the fence.  I could not picture locking that gate.  "It doesn't matter. OC will be there later"  "It does matter."

Bother. Bother. Bother. I turned the car around, back to the allotment, walked to ours and, sure enough, it was locked.

Never mind. I ate half a box of Maltesers last night, so I need exercise.

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