Monday, 12 September 2011

Pork spare rib roast

We're going to be getting another half pig at the end of September, so we're finishing up the pork in the freezer at the moment.

I had 2 remaining pork joint in the freezer. One was a large loin of pork (I'm not too keen on roast loin, I find it quite dry), and the other was an enormous spare rib roast.   For all the other roasting joints I've done (shoulder, belly, hand) I've followed Jamie's slow roast shoulder of pork recipe, and so we tried that with the spare rib roast.  It looked surprisingly the same as the picture on the recipe. 

Which turned out not to be so surprising, as "spare rib roast" is shoulder. Wish I'd read my notes earlier, as we could have used some of this this to make pork pies.

It was amazing. Again.   Jamie's bone-in recipe is for a 2kg shoulder of pork.  My spare rib roast was 3kg.   My joint had been out of the freezer on Thursday evening and in the fridge. On friday afternoon it was still solid (efficient fridge), so I put it under a food net on the counter until Saturday morning.   It wasn't a particularly warm or sunny day, so I wasn't worried.

I calculated additional cooking time which, in the end, we didn't need.  And i put extra veg under it. The veg in Jamie's recipe is for turning into gravy, but it is sooo delicious that I love to eat it as veg.

We invited DB1 to join us, pork was delicious!

On Sunday, I made chinese pancakes (the sort you have when you have Armoatic Crispy Duck).  We had shredded pork pancakes, with hoisin sauce, shreddded onion, and strips of cucumber.   Fantastic.   The remaining pancakes went into the freezer.  They can be quickly steamed from frozen for a couple of minutes for a similar meal another time.

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