Friday, 30 September 2011

I'm a bit frustrated.

I'm fortunate to be able to work, from home, on a consultancy basis.  This means there are long periods of time when I am not doing paid work,  and then very concentrated periods when the only thing I have time to do is work.  A lot of this work is PC based.  I stand when I work at my PC, because I find this puts less strain on my back,  but it isn't great.

2 months ago (which was 6 weeks before my next frantic period of work was due to commence), we decided it would be worth spending the money on getting a special sort of sit/stand workstation for me. It was a small and mobile workstation, which means I could use it in the kitchen and wheel it (and my papers) away in the evening.  Currently my laptop occupies one of the worktops and, when I'm working, my papers are all over the table.

The item was out of stoock everywhere, and could only be ordered on request.  I ordered it with a 2 week lead time, and carried on.  The lead time slipped - through no fault of the reseller, I could see it was a problem at the supply end in the US.   Eventually I received a notification that it would be delivered today, 7 weeks after ordering.   

We were out today (more on that in a separate post later), but we were fortunate that the delivery came after we returned.  I was very excited.  The box was enormous, and takes up our hallway.  We opened the tape, and I took out the delivery note.  The item number did not look correct.  I asked DH to leave the thing in the box and to see if he could find the destructions.  I searched on the internet, and the item number was definitely wrong.  I checked my order, my order (thankfully) was correct.  I phoned the supplying company.  They toool some details and said they'd ring me back.  They rang back for more info.  I explained that the box was enormous and I would like them to get it removed.

They haven't phoned back.   I've emailed them now (couldn't get through on the phone).  I really, really, REALLY hope they haven't gone home for the weekend without calling me back.   This box is 1mx1mx0.75m.  We can't move it into the kitchen.  We are struggling to get past it in the hall.     I'm going to be more than frustrated if we have to wait until the middle of next week before it is gone.

And of course I'm frustrated that  I don't have my desk.  I'm concerned that this has been shipped directly from the manufacturer in the US,  and that I am going to have to wait for another 6 weeks before I get the replacement.


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