Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Making hay while the sun shines

Another gorgeous day today, like a cross between spring and autumn. Blue sjy already, and it promises to be quite hot when the dew is burned off.

Going to take advantage of the warmth and am going to clean and Poultry Shield all 4 girl-coops on the allotment.   We're also doing a bee inspection, and have to be back so DH can take a call early afternoon,  so we're organising it with military precision.

Plan is that we both start emptying coops as soon as we get there.  When I've emptied my first one, I'll start spraying.  DH will continue emptying coops and then he'll move on to feeding and watering, and strimming around the allotment.  By that time I will hopefully havefinished spraying all coops (I purchased a large sprayer with a wand, which makes it so much quicker and less painful than the old squeeze-spraying days).  We can then leave them to dry while we do the bees. 

By that time, the first two coops at least will be dry, and we can put in fresh Aubiose and bedding etc.   And then the last two will be dry, and we can do those.   

Don't think we'll have time to do the Boys' shed.   Will do that at the weekend if the weather holds.

This afternoon, if I can keep up enthusiasm and the weather holds,  I might try and do the Cube as well.  Would be good to get it all done.

Wish me luck!

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