Sunday, 6 June 2010

Tinies in the Shed

A few days ago we let the Sassos stay out overnight in the Eglu.   It was warm everything was fine so the next morning we decided to keep them there.   We dismantled, scrubbed and disinfected the brooder and left it to dry.  Much later that day, everything was thoroughly dry so we put it all back together and moved the 8 Tinies into it.

They love it. Wihin hours they had discovered they could get on top of the electric hen; it's taken our other hatches a couple of weeks to work this out.
They are such gorgeous little chicks.  I still can't get over the fact that they look just like baby Australorps...yet they are at most 1/4 Australorp. as their dad is Sasso and their Mum is Welsh Black.  This makes them 1/2 Sasso, 1/4 Indian Game, 1/4 Australorp. (The yellow one is their half-sibling. Same dad, Mum is another Sasso).

We've been trying to think of a group name which reflects their Sasso/Welsh Black heritage but it's not as easy as one might think. "Wasso" came to mind, but doesn't sound very pleasant. Welso sounds like an abbreviation for Welsummer.   At the moment I'm thinking abou Taffos... I mean the term Taff in an affectionate way, I wonder how Welsh people would perceive it?

Meanwhile, the teenage chicks are having a whale of a time.  From the morning after they first stayed out we gave them a free range area to add to their run, and they love it.  

They're all at least 5 weeks old now (with the older 3 being 5.5 weeks), and we started adding Growers pellets to their feed a couple of days ago.    They weren't that interested in the Growers, which surprised me a bit: our previous hatches have relished Growers.

It just goes to show that everyone is an individual...even with Chooks.

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