Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Making Vodka while the sun isn't shining

I took advantage of the break in the weather to rush out to the fruit cage. I harvested *all* the raspberries (cutting down the canes as I did so, saves a job later in the year),  and collecting a large amount of Tayberries as well.

Back out to collect a load of Blackcurrants.

I then spent a considerable amount of time picking over and preparing the fruits to be converted into Vodka.  The Rasp= and Tay-berry version is relatively simple. the Blackcurrant version is a lot more fiddly.  They produce very different styles of drink, both have their place and both are (or will be) delicious.   The various concoctions are steeping at the moment,  and need to be shaken twice a day for the next few days.

I noticed that the gooseberries are looking ripe.  My darling step daughter  (DSD) bought me what she had been told were "langley gage", a fabulous dessert variety which taste better than grapes. (I'm not a gooseberry fan at all. I was persuaded to try Langley Gage by Bob Flowerdew, and he made a convert of me. DSD bought me two additional bushes as I was going on about them so much, but they are something else entirely.  Anyway, they aren't the same at all... but i will try and do something sensible with them this year.

And soon the cherries will be ripe: more vodka.

I used to make jam.  I still make a small amount, but I find the vodka more rewarding.  And it seems to make a more acceptable present for some reason.

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