Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Paving fun

Some time ago I bought some paving via Ebay.  Then Bradstone delisted the product, so we had to try and buy what we needed quickly.  DH went to a not-very-local Bradstone preferred supplier, and picked up eveything they had. And I ordered te  from Simply Paving. 

It's been sitting in piles for some time now.

First, we just couldn't be bothered. 

The we were too busy to be bothered. 

Then it was too hot to be bothered.

Then I cut down one of our huge shrubs, a lovely Mexican Orange which was in a totaly inappropriate place.  It was cool and raining today, briefly, so DH laid out some of the pieces so we could get an idea of pattern.

He relaid it later.

Then he added to it.

It's now looking lovely, if a little uneven as it is laid over an assortment of slabs, paving, lawn and flowerbed.

It's hot again now, so I'm not sure how much further we'll get in the short term.  But I'm not complaining. Usually I'm moving stuff with him, and sharing the heavy work. But Ihave to be careful since the Incident with The Go.

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