Monday, 28 June 2010

Mountaineering Chicks

I've just witnessed something really odd, and I can't believe what I saw.

The Littlees  (no longer need to call them Tinies, as we now have just "Big Girls" and "Littlees" in the garden) are like al young chicks.  They love to escape. Sometimes they do it deliberately, seeking out the weakness in the netting; sometimes by accident, by creating a crater when dusbathing and rolling underneath the netting.

We hear the tell-tale cheeping of the non escapees which warn us that someone has managed to get out.  We go out catch the little rascals and pop them back in (trying to find and secure the breach).

Yesterday I caught Oddjob,  the yellow chicken that we mistakenly thought was a rogue Sasso.  I scooped him up just outside the Eglu run, and his little feet gripped the Eglu bars as I picked him up.

And then he walked himself up the side of the Eglu run to the top.

It was like watching Wallace in "The Wrong Trousers", when the Trousers scale the wall of the building with a sleeping Wallace inside them.

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