Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Bolshy little blighters

The Taffos always make me laugh.  They are such boshy little chicks: whatever we try and get them to do, they do the opposite.

I ordered an extra door panel for the Eglu Go, which arrived today.  We moved the Eglu to a new piece of ground today, cleaned it out, put in the roosting bars (the chicks are a bit young, but they are currenty roosting on *anything* including the run door), and fitted the new door.   We used the now-spare run panel as a "baffle" to help prevent the chicks flying on to the top of the Eglu run.

It was only partially successful.

We fitted an old tablecloth as a bit of a sail for both shade and as a bit of a baffle. it was fine on the first point, on the second it was only partially successful.

We've pegged down the netting to try and prevent "accidental" roll-unders. It was only partially successful.

They certainly keep us on our toes.  

Today we noticed that their black feathering has an unusual petrol-blue sheen.  They don't have their mothers' eyes.  Yet.  Both mums have yellow backgrounds with black pupils.  Currently the chicks are showing either Australorp eyes (all black), or a sort of grey-green background with black pupils.

I'll have to take a look at Roo tomorrow and see what his colouring is.

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