Sunday, 27 June 2010

Daft babies

So two days ago we took the 8 week olds down to their new home on the allotment.  Shut them in the coop for an hour, let them out, they were very happy little chicks.

Went back at 9pm. Everyone else had gone to bed.  The 7 chicks were huddled together by a fence. They saw (or heard) us, and came running over en masse cheeping; "mummy! daddy!!".  We caught them one by one and posted them into the coop. the last bird to be caught got the idea, and climbed the ladder  himself.  Shut the coop pop hole.

Yesterday DH got up very early, went to the allotment to let them out.  Last night at about 9.15, we went down to the allotment to make sure they had been able to take themselves to bed.  Nope. All sitting under the coop waiting for us.   We left the pop hole open (their run is surrounded by Arris fencing and electrified fencing), and stood in the next run along to make sure they didn't come out again.

Today, DH skipped out the coop. Four of them had to climb the ladder and investigate what he had done.

Will they take themselves to bed tonight?


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