Friday, 25 June 2010

Leaving Home

The 2nd hatch went to their new home on the Allotment today.

We had a lot to do there so we popped them in their new house, with a drinker, and then carried on sorting out.  I had one last coop to empty and disinfect,  and DH had to run some fine black netting alongside the normal netting as two of the Little chickens can get through the squares.  We got on with this for a while. 

Next, I sorted out the two Welsh Blacks with some antibiotic, a salt water bath, and some purple spray.

Feeders all topped up ready, and then we let the Littlees out.

Eventually one of the Sasso girls came out.  The others refused.  Normally I'd leave them to it, but we needed to check the security of the fencing.  I helped them out one by one, and they looked at home immediately.  A nibble of food,  a refreshing drink,  and a communal dustbathe in the dappled shade under a tree.

It's a lovely environment for them;  I will miss seeing them in my garden though.

When we got home I jet washed and disinfected the Eglu and everything else.  The Eglu will be parked on the patio until the Australorp comes back.   I also raked up the ground the Eglu occupied,  and emptied the shed of various cardboard boxes.   Finally I jet washed and disinfected the Big Girls' drinkers.

Just got the brooder to clean out and disinfect now.

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