Saturday, 29 May 2010


Did  I mention that I managed to Do Something to my neck/shoulder yesterday while moving the Go?

I was at the front end, which meant I had to walk at a bit of an angle to accomodate the fox-proof skirt. I bent down at this angle to put it down, and I had a sudden shar pain sort of near my collar bone.   I didn't hear a crack or feel a wrench just a sharp searing pain.  I stayed in the just-let-go position for a while but the pain didn't go away.  My breath had (gone away) though.

I came inside and sat down. The pain didn't go.  I phoned my chiropracter, but the earliest appointment is Wednesday. I'm down for  a cancellation if one comes up.

I used an ice-pack on it all evening, and slept with an icepack.  I can now move my lower arm as long as I keep my upper arm extended and against my side.  I can't move my arm above my elbow  without a sharp pain,  and if I lean forward I get the same pain.  When I touch the base of my neck it's very tender.. but I suspect this is referred pain rather than the source.


I have a doctor's appointment on Tuesday, as I'm having my hearing checked out.  (Have been having trouble hearing DH. I don't think I'm selectively deaf;  he might well be mumbling, but it's best to get these things checked).   I'll ask about my neck/shoulder problem when I go.

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