Saturday, 22 May 2010

Oh Sheet!

It was very hot last night, so I decided to get a fresh quilt cover out of the airing cupboard and use that instead of the full quilt.

As I was laying it out on the bed I realised there was something stuck inside one of the corners.  I realised I had found DH's missing specs.

The lenses were completely opaque. I polished them with special spectacle cloth; I used some specialist spray;  the lenses improved but were still not right.  We took the glasses into the optician's today.

Of course, it would be the pair that has (or, more accurately, "had") with Reactolite lenses. It would be the pair that has (had) special ant scratch coating.  It would have been a 60 degree wash, which is the right temperature to kill of any nasty bugs (they survive at lower temperatures,  and the alternative is freezing your sheets before you wash them.  Hmm. Not sure I fancy having a bug filed superking quilt in my freezer. There's no room anyway).

We could claim on the house insurance, but the amount we'd get back after our excess we would undoubtably pay back next year when we get our renewal premium.

Still.  It was cheaper than buying a complete replacement.  And at least we now know where his glasses had been all that time.

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