Tuesday, 18 May 2010

First time out

The 3 older Sassos are three weeks old now, everyone else is 2.5 weeks.  Th eweather has been very warm the last 2 days, so I popped them all in the Eglu while I cleaned out their brooder pen.

One brave soul ventured out onto the grass,  the rest stayed in the nestbox.  Eventually another body popped out, to my surprise it was the Welsh Black who is the tiniest and the most timid of all 7.

I had to come in to answer the door and do a bit of clearing up; when I popped out again, all 7 were busy round the feeder.  I've placed, a bit oprimistically perhaps, the Glug out there as well: the sooner they start using that, the better.  The Feeder they are using is OK, a big improvement on the "JamJar" style feeder we've used previously.

They are all wandering around en masse at the moment.  They are so cute. The only thing that isn't cute is that their poo smells.  It's always the same with chicks.  The Big Girls get Bokashi Bran in their feed and it really makes a difference. 

Off to do a bit more chick watching.

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