Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Latest Hatch - chick pics

Sorry it's taken me so long to take some pictures.

Our latest hatch are developing well and, as always are such little cuties.  I put some cauliflower leaves in their brooder pen today... they were very suspicious at first, but they eventually plucked up courage to give it a go.

The Sassos have got wonderful feather colouring, including white tips to their wings. I don't know if this is a throwback to something earlier in their heritage, or whether the white will disappear... our Welsh Black (who will be black when grown) also has white tips.

Here they are a bit later today, you can just about see all 7

The teeny weeny one on the left of the feeder is the Welsh Black, an Australorp x Indian Game. Not very black at the moment.

The black one (actually black and yellow but the yellow is now mainly underneath) towards the bottom of the pic is the Australorp.

(Note to self: 3 Sassos are 2 weeks old today; 2 Sassos/Australorp/Welsh Black are 11 days old)

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