Thursday, 27 May 2010

And here we go again


4 of the 8 eggs in our Incy have pipped this morning!

This is our third (and possibly final) batch of incubated eggs this year, and all 8 eggs were fertile when candled.   I'm very excited, I  can't wait to see what these little lovelies turn out like.  Their Mum is either Rose or Rooby, our  beautiful "Welsh Black" ladies (an Indian Game X Australorp), and their Dad is Roo,  a Sasso (so himself a hybrid).

We already know what Roo x Mrs Roo  looks like (we have 5 of them ,from our last hatch, in the garden at the moment),  and we know what a Welsh Black x Welsh Black looks like (because one of the new ladies laid a fertile egg on her way home, and the chick is in our garden with the Sassos)

I'm just disinfecting the lunar module brooder now so I can put it on to dry out and warm up ready.

I can't wait to meet them! 

EDITED: 6pm 6 out of 8 now pipped!

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