Sunday, 16 May 2010

Musical Statues

The chicks have a really amusing defence mechanism. They play at Statues.
I  had been watching the chicks on the webcam and decided to pop out and  see them.  The shed door was open, with some netting from top to bottom to prevent the cats from entering, so that the warm-ish air could circulate and the chicks could get used to outside noise.
DH was mowing the grass at the time. As I approached the shed I could hear them scurrying around and cheeping.   
As I approached the door, I heard one of them give that sound that chicks give to alert of danger, and by the time  reached the netting and peeped in, everything was silent.  Not only that, but there were chicks all over the brooder pen, frozen still.  Just like Musical Statues.
I made that sort of clicking sound (the sort one makes when one wants a horse to move, and  one doesn't really know anything about horses) and suddenly they were all running around again. 
This morning's examination showed that thefeathering over the last few days has been dramatic.  We'd like to put them outside for a few minutes, but it not warm at all today.   Still, I've now jetwashed and disinfected the Eglu (and my jeans and glasses) so as soon as we get some realy warm weather we can put them out, even if it's just for a few minutes.

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