Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Sayonara Siouxsie

Souxsie Sioux, our oldest Girl, died today.  She was just under 9 years old.

Siouxsie and her sisters, NotNorman and Pogo (and their half sister Norman)  were all absolutely stunning girls.  They laid small, shiny eggs;  they were all of good temperament.   Their parents were sold to me as Dorkings, but we think there was something not right in the parent's parentage.  The resulting chicks markings were spot on,  but they were small,  had yellow legs, laid brown eggs,  and didn't have 5 toes.   It didn't matter though, they were lovely girls.

Siouxie was named after Siouxsie Sioux from Siouxsie and the Banshees. She got her name because she used to shriek like a Banshee, and it was how we could tell her apart from NotNorman and Pogo.    She never much liked being picked up,  but as she slowed down a bit over the last few years she seemed to not mind too much.    In the last year or so, we always made sure that she got more than her fair share of corn, or any other treat  we happened to have.

When Henry was the cockerel, she avoided catching his eye, and none of her eggs were fertilised.  She was very much near the bottom of the pecking order,  probably due to her small stature, her good nature,  and her advanced years.

Since Bertie appeared on the scene, she went from being bottom of the pecking order to being much nearer the top.  He favoured her somewhat, which I regretted  little;  at 8 years old she didn't really need the attention.    The change in status was good to see though, and at night, she would be perched right next to Bertie.   

One of our hatched eggs this year was from a Siouxsie egg. and it's the first time we've ever hatched from them.   I really hope it's a girl.

DH had to do the deed, and was very upset by it.   Siouxsie was such a sweet, unassuming little hen,  she had a special place in his heart.

She will be very missed.

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