Sunday, 3 June 2018

Number 6 mini move

Number 6 has moved.   He's now in the big yellow brooder.  He's tiny.  He must be Siouxsie's, I can't see how any of the others (apart from Ping & Pong the Dorkings) could have produced such a small egg. 

We've moved the brooder into the kitchen, on the big dining table I use for my sewing.   At least he'll see us during the day.

He's had a little drink and he's eaten a little.

All good signs. Right?

We're always hot on hygiene,  and we're being extra extra careful now.

The incubator is dismantled.  The non-electric bits are in a Miltoned bath.  The electric part has been sprayed and dried.  Tomorrow the incubators will go back in the loft,  until next year.

The steam press has been moved back out of the guest room, I've vacuumed and cleaned.   Tomorrow I can get to the filing cabinet and do the filing,  and sort out the rest of the room.

It's returning to normality. 

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