Thursday, 26 October 2017

Tears before bedtime

My brother, who was babysitting his granddaughter,  brought her over to say hello on Tuesday.  AL was overjoyed to find that Small Person was here.  Small Person taught AL a ballet step some time ago,  and we had promised that SP would  teach her some more.

Before the learning though,  there was going out to see the chooks.  Not with me, but with SP. When they came back in, I said "oooh, I think I have a little present for you",  and I rushed upstairs to get it. 

When I was buying bedding for Small Person and the Twins, I'd seen some ballet bedding which I knew little AL would love. 

I handed it to her - and when she saw the design, she was so excited.  She read all the words, her eyes glowed, she showed her granddad.

I was pleased I'd bought it.

Small Person took her away to teach her some dance steps,  and later they performed for us.  Lovely.

We ate some cake, which had been baking in the oven when they arrived,  and then it was time to go.
AL wouldn't say goodbye and, at first, I thought she was doing that (annoying) child thing of 'going all shy'.

Then there were tears. Not angry, sulky, tears;  just tears.

I think AL had a lovely time, and didn't want it to end.

Bless her.

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