Saturday, 4 November 2017

A rare day out

We visited Bletchley Park yesterday.  The weather was glorious: cold, crisp, sunny.
The house was beautiful,  the huts were amazing,  and the exibits were fascinating.  It was really well done.

One of the huts has an exhibit which talks about saving Bletchley.  Apparently a council meeting approved demolition of the house and huts to be replaced by a housing estate, supermarked and petrol station.   That's when the campaign to save Bletchley started.... and now it is a magnificent and worthwhile monument and tribute to that amazing effort which shortened the war (by 4 years).
Without the achievements of Bletchley,  Hitler would have won.

We were there for a little over 3 hours.  We didn't see everything, but my brain was full.   We giftaided the entrace fee,  so the ticket is actually valid for a year.  I hope we get round to going back, as I'd like to visit the National Museum of Computing, which is a separate museum on the site.

We didn't take any pictures (rolls eyes).

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