Friday, 20 October 2017


We've been busy trying to get the summerhouse ready to be a suitable sleeping place for 2 of the grandchildren for 1 night next week.  Their parents are staying too and, because they will use the guest bedroom (my sewing room), this means the kids get to sleep in the summerhouse.  

Following their last overnight stay, we've been trying to make it better for them. We'd already bought a much better heater,  and we'd put up a curtain pole.

I hadn't actually got round to getting curtains to put on the pole  mainly because I don't really want curtains in the summerhouse.    However, now that they are definitely coming, I went to Ikea to buy some inexpensive, ring top,  curtains.  DH hung them up today so I could measure and mark for adjusting.  I adjusted the length straight away, a quick and dirty turn up job.

I bought 2 pairs, but I decided to only use 1.  They cover the windows perfectly well, and it's not as if they are in our living room and need a double-width drape.   They look fine, and will do the job.   And they will be easy to remove and put away afterwards.  

I'd also already bought some "gro" blinds, which they can stick on the other window. I really don't want to have to put a curtain pole up on the second side as well

I also bought them each their own personal duvet cover, hopefully with designs they will each like.  I've washed them ready.

DH has emptied a load of stuff out of the summerhouse (some folding chairs,  the pumpkins,  that sort of thing) and I'll give it another look over after the weekend to see if we can make some more space, and make it cosy.

They don't like the noise the fridge freezer makes.  I can't move that, unfortunately... but I though I'd fill it with drinks and snacks for them.  If they can see a use for it,  they might not mind too much.

While I was shopping for suitable duvet covers for them,  I saw a great horsey one for Small Person.  I was surprised to find that it comes in a king sized version, so I bought that.  That is also washed, and is on the guest bed now, ready for SP's overnighter tomorrow.

Meanwhile, my sewing table (aka our kitchen table) is piled high with stuff.  I've got some stuff to Ebay (have to pay for the duvet covers somehow, lol!),  and some stuff to sort.

My lovely DIL keeps her home immaculate. 

I'm going to need to have a major clean and tidy before they get here.

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