Thursday, 19 October 2017

Fingers crossed

DH has gone to see his Mum.  It'll be a bit stressful for his poor arm, but needs must.

I took the opportunity to go to Ikea.   Needed some curtains for the summerhouse before next week.

Also taking the opportuniy to air the house.  Windows open in all rooms,  it's flipping cold, but it needs it.    DH really feels the cold, so it's easier to do it when he's not around.

DH range me late afternoon.  He'd found his mum in a bit of distress when her arrived.   He sorted her out, took her shopping to get some essentials, and she's feeling much happier now.

He took her a new phone.  She doesn't use the contacts or redial button on hers, always keying phone numbers in manually.  As she often loses (puts them in a drawer and can't remember which one) the large cards I sent her with numbers on,  she sometimes can't phone when she wants to.   This new one, by Doro, has 4 clearly labelled buttons on and nothing else.   We're hoping she'll find it easier (although it does mean she can only phone the 4 numbers that we have programmed,  which is both a good and a bad thing). 

He put her Sim in the new phone last night and tested it,  and he'll be giving her the new phone today.  I hope it works OK.

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