Thursday, 16 June 2016

Procrastination fail

Well, the reel of "Stay Tape" arrived, along with other bits I'd ordered at the same time. I'd since had a reply from the Wrapalong lady telling me which Vilene product best matched my needs.  I'd found an enormous roll of that online (rarer than I expected) and, in the expectation of all the future jersey dresses and tops I was going to make,  I'd ordered that. It'll be here in a couple of days.

While I had been waiting for the originally ordered small roll, I had re-traced my pattern, using the top and part of the skirt from the original tissue version.  I checked the front and back had the same curves etc, and then I committed them to tailors card.

When the stay tape arrived, I had run out of excuses, so I cleared the kitchen table and attempted to lay out my pattern pieces.   I had trouble finding the grainline.  The jerseyish fabric was curling a bit, so that didn't help.  I also discovered that the selvedge was a bit weird.  It wasn't consistent. 

I googled and read posts and watched a video or two,  and then attempted to find the grain by stretch.   I mostly managed it, although I guess I won't know until the top is made whether I got it right or not.   I laid the pattern pieces out, and had to have a break while I considered the implication of one of them.  The original pattern had a lined top, and so required 4 front pieces to be cut out.  Because the fabric is folded, it was 2 pairs,  with 1 pair using the pattern reversed.    I'm not lining my top, and I suddenly couldn't decide whether this meant I needed to just cut out one pair,  or whether I needed to cut out a single one way and a single reversed.   It must be just a pair, surely?

I ended up doing a mock up with paper,  and it seems that my assumption is right.  I guess I'll find out shortly.

Anyway.   Eventually, I had cut out the front and back.  I'm not having full length sleevies,  so I cut out fabric a bit longer than I think I need, I can adjust before I go ahead.    I'd used clover wonder clips to keep the pieces attached to the card templates, in an attempt to stop the edges curling.  I'd had enough by this point, so I didn't cut out the ties, nor the binding for the neck.

This morning, I found myself wanting to make my duvet cover, or to watch some sewing videos which arrived yesterday. Anything, in fact, which didn't involve doing the wrap top.    I know what I'm like,  and I know that I'm really just afraid that I'll make it and it won't be right, and I'll be disillusioned.   

So, I gave myself a mental slap, and prepared myself to get on with it.  I read the instructions.   Step 1.  Put on the knit stay tape.   I  marked on my card templates where I needed to tape.   Put it rough side down, and press with an iron, don't move back and forwards. Yep, I can do that. 

 I would normally use my ironing press but I decided to start with an iron and a board  downstairs.   I got the reel of tape out of it's packet,  carefully wrote "stay tape" on the cardboard core so that I could tell it apart from all the other tapes (they all look surprisingly similar when they're out of the packaging), and started to unroll it. 

 It had a sort of clear clingfilmy thing around it, which I had trouble removing.  I then realised that it wasn't clear clingfilmy stuff to keep it clean, it was the tape itself.

So, after all that, I have to wait for the other stuff to arrive.

True to my naturally contrary nature, I was feeling a bit let down.

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