Wednesday, 8 June 2016

One week

On Monday it was baking hot, and we thought we'd set up an outside coop for the chicks.   Because there's only 4 of them, we decided to use the Eglu Go.

They are, of course, far too small to use it as a coop at this stage.  We use it to give them a safe area outside, with shade from the raised coop and with heat from an Electric Hen.    It took us a while to retrieve the coop from it's storage place, plus finding the Hen, then an outdoor extension lead, then for me to disindect the extra feeder and drinker. DH had to mow the grass,  we need it very short for the chicks.

 By the time it was set up, it was too late to put the chicks out.

Yesterday, the weather wasn't suitable.  Because the chicks are so young, it needs to be really warm out and really dry.  The grass didn't dry off properly in the humidity,  and then we had an enormous thunderstorm.

Today it wasn't warm enough, and the grass was still wet. 

 Then, suddenly, it was baking hot and the grass was dry.   We got the chicks and popped them in the run, underneath the Hen.   They didn't stay there, they came out and sat in a group, just looking.  I can imagine they were on sensory overload.

Then they were off.  One of them tried nibbling the grass, then they were all at it.  One of them climbed on the spoke of the wheel. They chased each other round.  It was great to watch.

Eventually they had a little break and sat down by one of the wheels.

Izzy came to investigate, and I told her off.  She was a little too interested - probably thinking "I know what you blighters grow in to,  I'll get you while I can".

Wash also strolled by, and looked deliberately disinterested. He continued his absolute disinterest when he lay down nearby, and started washing himself.   Which means he was watching very closely.

They were out for about 30 minutes, then we brought them back in.   From now on, they'll go out for a short time each day (or several times a day), if the weather is good enough.

Only a week old, and look at the wing feathers on Blondie:

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