Sunday, 5 June 2016

Oh Poop!

The blue chick didn't hatch, so I dismantled the incubator and sterlilised it all, leaving it strewn around the bathroom floor to dry.

This moening we moved the now-5-day-old chicks into the shed brooder. This gives them more space, and a choice of whether to snuggle under the electric hen, sit under the lamp, or sit in a cooler area.    Aa aoon as they've grown a bit, we'll enlarge the ring,  and then we'll add some things to hel keep them amused.

As soon as they were in the shed, I went to remove the initial brooder from the guest room.  I wanted to be able to get back in and to sew.   I picked the brooder up by the top handle, and the bottom promptly fell off.

This meant that the water bottle vacuum was broken, and the water gushed out.  I couldn't risk moving the half I had left in my hand, as that would have spread the joy even further. Instead I stood, and waited for the water to finish pouring.

Spilled chick poo,  chick crumbs, water, and soggy newspaper, make a surprising amount of mess.

I pushed my "grrrrr" feelings to one side,  after all, a few months ago, that would all have been on the carpet.

I gingerly put the top down out of the way, and went to get some kitchen towel, a dustpan, and some newspaper.

Fortunately most of it missed the Ikea boxes. 

It didn't take that long to clear up.  And it's gone now.

And it could have been worse.  I might have picked up the brooder with the chicks still in!

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