Monday, 31 August 2015


I'm soaking in a bath at the moment,  my leg is bit swollen - and a little painful  - from where I landed on the ladder.  

We have some oak trees on the allotment. One of them has a branch which reaches over the Heras fencing a bit,  and I realised on Saturday that it wouldn't be long before it provided an easy access point for a hungry fox.  I decided I'd deal with it next time I came down,  which was today. 

So I packed my car with  a step ladder,  a pruning saw,  and a pair of loppers. We have an electric chainsaw, but of course that's no help on the allotment. In the light of subsequent events - or event - that's probably just as well!

It was drizzling. I put on my padded coat. I inspected the tree and decided where to cut.  I decided I might as well cut the thick branch, if I did the smaller ones I'd run out of steam too soon.   To my surprise,  my folding pruning saw  made quite a lot of headway, quite quickly.  The branch must have been dead or dying. It wasn't long before I heard a small crack, so I knew it wouldn't be long.

I moved round and cut from the other side, and from underneath.

I moved back to my starting point and moved up the ladder to cut some more.  The ladder slipped, I fell.
My first reaction was to get up, but  I made myself stay put while I checked out everything. My leg hurt a bit, but I could wiggle my toes.  Everything else was in working order.

I got up and picked up the poor  ladder. I was a bit shocked at the state of it (see previous post) and I realise my leg must have landed on it.

I looked at the branch and realised I had to finish.  It was leaning heavily,  and the easy access  would be irresistible to even an aged fox. The ladder was out of commission, but I found a chair to use.  I also realised that I needed to lop off all the smaller branches, otherwise it would get stuck coming down.

That took forever. There were so many of them.   Then I got back up and sawed and sawed and sawed. The branch finally fell off on to the heras panel.

Round the other side of the fence,  I couldn't move it. It weighed a tonne, and the "fingers" of  smaller branches kept getting stuck in the ground.  I lopped. I sawed.  And each time Ihad to drag the branches well away to make sure they couldn't be used as a ladder by Foxy.

After what seemed like several hours (but wasn't, I was only there for an hour and a quarter in total),   I finally managed to get the branch away,  and I was able to put the fence back up.  My leg was hurting by now and I was very thirsty.

I finished off seeing to the hens, put everything back in the car, came home and ran a bath.

And I cant remember if  I switched on the fence, so I am going to have to go back.

Oh well. The tree looks better.

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