Sunday, 2 August 2015

And so, to bed

The four little girls fussed around at bedtime.

Sasha (Araucana) and Larna (Appenzeller) had no problems going upstairs to bed. The coop might be in a different place, but it was their Cube. and they knew exactly where Bed was.

Fleur (Marans) and Fay (Fayoumi) faffed about, unsure of where to go.

Larna and Sasha came downstairs, ran around, and went upstaurs again, presumably showing the other two how to do it.

Eventually, Fleur climbed up the ladder -  actually their ladder from the Go -  and went back down a few times.  Fay flew up on to the Grandpa Feeder and settled down.

There was a lot of to-ing anf fro-ing.  Eventually, Fay and Fleur sat on the top step. They weren't (as far as I can tell) being prevented from going in.

I went to the Allotment to check on the Evacuees.

They were all safely away.  The melon had been demolished, right down to the skin.

I checked on Everyone Else while I was there.  We'd put an extra perch in Henry's shed coop, and I was pleased to see that all the perches were full. 12 birds in total. That included NotNorman and Siouxsie (Norman's sisters),   amd Camilla (bottom of the pecking order I believe). 3 girls were noy in the shed:  1 was broody in the new coop;  1  was broody in Mrs' old coop;  and 1  was on her own on the roosting bars in Mrs' coop.

Maybe we can fit a 4th perch in. Just in case it's a capacity issue.

By the time I got back, all 4 girls were safely in the Cube.

Well done everyone

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