Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Cockup continues

We were discussing the cockup last night.

"I rhink i might be the Aruacana", said DH, "Ir's very upright".

I had wondered that myself, but when I;ve seen pics of female araucanas, that's how they look. Very upright birds.  And this one looks very different to the other one, who is definitely a boy and is now an evacuee at the allotment. (It is a boy, isn't it?  It definitely looked more like a boy, even more upright... oh gosh, this could get messy).

This morning I was making the tea, and the kazooing started. I watched. Was that the Araucana I saw with it's head up?  Of course s/he didn't do it again while I was watching.   I took the tea upstairs.

"I think it's the Aruacana" said DH "I'm not sure, but it looked like the Araucana was crowing".

We took turns to watch the birds for a while, but of course no kazooing occurred.

I realised that we need to be watching the Appenzeller. If we can see that the appenzeller isn't crowing when the kazooing occurs, we'll know for sure. In fact, it's the only way (unless we're right by the crowing bird when it happens).

My lovely fluffy grey monster.

I have to confess though that, if it has to be one of them, I'd rather it was the araucana.

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