Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Dead of night

By the time I'd had my bath,  I was aching. I told myself that I would NOT have forgotten to turn on the fence, I wold have done it automatically.  EVERY TIME I have driven back to the allotment, this has been the case.

At about 11pm. I got into bed. I couldn't shake the "Did I?" feeling.  I KNOW that every previous time, it turns out I did turn the fence on.

But this time, I had just fallen off a ladder, was trying to carry the damaged ladder and all the tools, and I was a bit preoccupied.  Maybe this time I really had  forgotten?

"What would be worse?" I reasoned.  "Getting up, driving to the allotment,  walking over to our plot, and findind that the fence was ON?....  or finding out tomorrow that all the birds have been foxed?"

When I put it like that, I knew I had no option.

I was cream crackered, my leg hurt, it was dark.   I put a coat over my jim jams, put my bare feet into my garden shoes,  and drove to the allotment.

When I switched on the torch and started walking to the plot, I wished I'd got dressed.  What if the PCSOs were called out, and they came to investigate?  

Of course the dratted fence was on.

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